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MAFS stars Nathanial and Laura hit out at being called fame hungry as they reveal TV past

FOR Married At First Sight stars Nathanial Valentino and Laura Vaughan, the show isn’t their first stint on TV.

Nathaniel featured on Geordie Shore and Laura was on Celebs Go Dating.

Nathanial Valentino has been on Geordie Shore and E4’s Young Free and Single
Laura has been on Celebs Go Dating and dated a Made In Chelsea star

Nathanial recently raised eyebrows after he shared a picture with his new girlfriend Erin Daniels while on holiday in Mykonos.

Despite that, a a spokesperson for Married At First Sight told The Mirror that she’s “just a friend”.


But it has fed into the narrative that the show is more about finding fame, than finding love.

Events Marketing Manager Nathanial has appeared on Geordie Shore: Hot Single Summer, which aired in 2021 as well as E4’s Young Free and Single.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Nathanial said: “I’ve done a few shows before and some of the production that work on this show know who I am. I did Geordie Shore and Young Free and Single.

Laura spoke of her TV experience: “Similar to Nathanial, I did Celebs Go Dating and I dated Angus in Made in Chelsea – I knew what it was all about.”


When they were asked whether they were worried they may be accused of being “fame hungry” due to the number of stints on the telly, Laura said: “No, they’re all dating shows.

“We’ve said this, with Celebs Go Dating, I knew I wasn’t going to get married with it. If your intentions are pure, just because you’re doing it in the format of a show it doesn’t change that,” she added.

Nathanial spoke about his sexuality ahead of the show, explaining that he doesn’t like to be “put in a box”.

“I’m not bisexual, I fall in love with the person, and it’s not the outside that I want,” he explained.


“Obviously I like the pretty outside but if I can find someone in here that makes me smile inside and I can see their beauty shining on the outside. That’s what I wanted and I thought if these guys could give me the opportunity to make that happen, then that’s all I wanted.”

“All my life I have been put in a box ‘you’re a black gay man’. I’m not a black gay man, I’m a black queer man,” he continued.

“It’s hard because every single process I’ve done, I’ve been put in a box and I feel like I can’t break it.”

The singletons have signed up for the show, which will see them marry someone they have never met before.


Nathanial and Laura will be joined by tennis coach Arthur, model Brad, sports rehabilitator Georges, youth worker/DJ Terence, investment communications Thomas, sales executive Luke and account manager Paul.

They will be paired with the likes of clinic consultant Ella, sales manager Jay, Technology Risk Partner Peggy, executive assistant Porscha, florist Rosaline, performing arts teacher Shona and childcare assistant Tasha.

  • Married At First Sight returns on September 18 at 9pm on E4.
The cast of 2023 Married At First Sight, which kicks off on September 18th


Mandatory Credit: Ash Knotek/Shutterstock for Channel 4 Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ash Knotek/Shutterstock for Channel Four (14093344ea) Married at First Sight UK singles 2023 E4’s Married at First Sight UK press launch at Wilton’s Music Hall, London, UK – 11 Sep 2023[/caption]


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