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Mercedes boss Wolff fears F1 will be plunged into ‘disarray’ if Massa wins case to get Hamilton’s 2008 title overturned

TOTO WOLFF reckons F1 would be plunged into “disarray” if Felipe Massa wins his case to get Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 title overturned.

The Brazilian is seeking to have Hamilton stripped of his first championship due to the Singapore GP of the same year, where Nelson Piquet Jr. deliberately crashed to help his teammate, Fernando Alonso win the race.

Toto Wolff doubts that Felipe Massa will win his case

Massa is seeking to have Hamilton stripped of his first championship[/caption]

Massa reckons that F1 and the FIA did not act in time to overturn the outcome of the result, which in turn cost him the title, which he lost to Hamilton by a point.

At the Singapore GP last week, Wolff said Mercedes were monitoring the former Ferrari man’s legal action with a view to taking action to the controversial outcome of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP – where Hamilton lost the title to Max Verstappen.

However, speaking after last Sunday’s race, Wolff is doubtful of Massa being successful.

He said: “I don’t think he has a case, to be honest. We are signing up to sporting regulations. They’re very clear, and you commit as a licence holder.

“If everybody were to open up situations then the sport would be in disarray, and especially when you look at the full championships.

“There are so many things that have an influence whether you win or lose that I don’t see the case to be honest.

“On the civil case side, I don’t know, let’s evaluate whether there’s some damages that could be claimed.

“This is like watching a soap opera playing out in front of me.”


Meanwhile, Max Verstappen says he is “absolutely fine” his 10-race winning run ended last Sunday in Singapore.

And he is now looking forward to getting back on the podium this week at the Japanese GP.

The Red Bull ace said: “I knew that the day would come so for me it is absolutely fine.

“Everything needs to be perfect. Everyone is always saying, ‘Ah look how dominant they are and look how easy it is’.

“But it is never easy, and a lot of details that we need to get right and this weekend clearly we didn’t get a few things right and then you are on the back foot.”

September 19, 2023 at 08:01PM

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