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My 17th-century cottage has a secret tower you wouldn’t know is there – I feel like Mia from The Princess Diaries

A HOMEOWNER has given her followers a tour of the secret tower in her 17th-century cottage.

She joked that the hidden room made her feel like Mia from The Princess Diaries.

TikTok user Charlotte showed her followers around the secret tower in her 17th-century cottage
The TikToker entered her loft space through a hatch door with a stained glass window

In the caption of her video, TikTok user Charlotte Violet (@happyenchantedhome) explained: “[I] always wanted Princess Mia’s tower room.”

Walking up the stairs, Charlotte joked: “When someone upsets me and I have an excuse to go to my tower.”

After going up two flights, she began to climb a rustic wooden ladder that resembled a tree trunk.

She lifted the door of the hatch, which contained a small stained glass window.

Charlotte entered the loft space and opened the large dormer window.

The small area featured lots of plants and fairy lights as well as a small swing.

Charlotte set up a netted hammock next to the window and settled in for a movie night.

She used a projector to watch her interior design inspiration The Princess Diaries.

Charlotte showed her followers the scene where Mia climbed up to her secret tower in the old firehouse where she lived.

As well as enjoying a movie, she lounged on her hammock and read her book.

She even lay back on the netting with blankets and pillows and took a nap.

Charlotte’s followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the cool space.

“I would never leave this room,” wrote one impressed TikTok user.

Another viewer said: “I want to have a loft house with an enchanting vibe like this.”

“You have such a nice whimsical house, I also want one,” commented a third person.

Charlotte set up a netted hammock and lounged on it while she read her book and watched The Princess Diaries

September 19, 2023 at 07:59PM

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