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My 4-ingredient mix keeps bugs away in my home – it also smells amazing and is my go-to for cleaning walls and ceilings

A CLEANING fanatic has shared the homemade solution she uses to repel bugs from her home.

The four-ingredient mixture also removes fingerprints and scuffs from your walls and ceilings.

TikTok user Chantel demonstrated how to make her four-ingredient solution for repelling bugs and cleaning your walls
The TikToker explained that the vinegar helps to clean while the peppermint oil repels bugs

In her video, TikTok user Chantel Mila (@mama_mila_) explained: “This mix is my go-to for cleaning walls, baseboards and ceilings easily.”

She demonstrated how to make the homemade solution for her followers.

For her first step, Chantel filled a spray bottle with one cup of warm water.

Next, she added two tablespoons of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dish soap.

As an optional fourth ingredient, she suggested using peppermint oil in the mixture.

“This only has two tablespoons of vinegar, so it smells more like dish soap and peppermint,” she explained.

“The peppermint oil leaves your home smelling amazing and keeps bugs away,” Chantel added.

She warned her viewers to “use discretion if using peppermint oil in houses with pets.”

Chantel applied the solution to a Swiffer mop and used it to wipe down her walls, ceilings, and baseboards.

“This mix is powerful at cutting through grime, fingerprints, and scuffs,” she said.

The cleaning expert told her followers: “Your home will feel so fresh.”

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Chantel demonstrated how to use the four-ingredient mixture to wipe down your walls and ceilings

September 22, 2023 at 11:30PM

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