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My landlord hiked up my rent by £150 a MONTH and now I’ll have to starve myself or face being homeless

THIS tenant could be left homeless after a shocking rent increase saw his payments skyrocket.

Shane Canning lives with his two dogs in Adelaide, Australia, but could be left without a roof over his head thanks to the cost of living crisis.


His rent has been hiked by over £150 per month[/caption]

He told 9News: “I understand a lot of people are worse off than me and most people these days are struggling with the rising cost of living, it’s very disruptive to my life and doesn’t help my mental health.

“The worst thing is being uncertain if it will rise again next year.”

After multiple rent rises in recent years, now Shane is facing another hike which could leave him hungry.

He’s already living with PTSD, arthritis and a heart condition, but has skipped his medication some weeks due to his financial pressures.

Despite negotiations, Shane said the rise is set to go forward, even as he’s struggled to pay for dog food some weeks.

Shane explained: “I don’t have any family to look after but I do have two dogs that I love with all my heart and I would be devastated if I had to find them new homes because I couldn’t afford to feed or look after vet treatment.

“I would rather starve myself.”

The rental crisis in Australia is reaching new heights – the other day, an Aussie landlord was slammed for listing a party bus as a “granny flat”.

The tiny “flat” would cost $250 AUD per week – for a minimum of six months or longer.

The listing read: “It was one of my old party buses that needs a new engine so I stripped out the party bus seating and hopefully someone out there will find it useful.”

Rach McQueen shared the shocking posting on TikTok, and trolled the would-be landlord, who asked for a whopping $500 AUD upfront.

The “flat” has a queen and single bed, couch, toilet, kitchen bench, fridge, air conditioner and heater, washing machine, booth seating for dining, a dryer and a microwave.

Rachel joked: “It does seem to have more features than a lot of actual rental properties.”

But if tenants are more than a week late on rent, the landlord said they would remove and tow the party bus.

Rachel pointed out: “They’re not just going to be paying $250 a week for a roof over their head, they’re also going to need somewhere to park it, which could potentially cost money.

September 23, 2023 at 12:58AM

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