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N. Korea to enhance mobile network security with domestic technologies

North Korea is pushing to strengthen its mobile network security system by the second half of this year. The country aims to introduce domestic technology and upgrade its mobile network security to international standards by increasing investment in cloud systems and quantum encryption technology.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Daily NK source in North Korea reported Monday that “a conference of information and communication experts was held in Pyongyang from June 20-22 to discuss upgrading the national mobile communication network to a world-class level. Following the conference, the Information and Communication Innovation Department of the Cabinet’s Ad Hoc Committee on Economic Development is now implementing practical plans to improve the security system of the mobile network.”

According to the source, experts at the conference pointed out that North Korea’s current mobile network is vulnerable to security breaches due to its reliance on Chinese technology and equipment, and stressed the need for countermeasures.

In response, the Cabinet’s Ad Hoc Committee on Economic Development has begun implementing practical plans to replace Chinese technology with domestic technology to create a secure mobile communication environment and strengthen security.

“The Cabinet said the main goal is self-reliance, and plans to expand investment in cloud systems and quantum encryption technology,” the source explained. “The Information Technology Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences and experts in the information technology sector will play a crucial role in this.”

The plan has widespread support, but some are skeptical about the timeline

The plan is in line with the national goal of operating an independent and secure internal mobile network by improving security systems to prepare for external threats while strengthening internal supervision and control. As such, the plan is actively supported by the central government.

The Cabinet has formed a technical development team of experts, which began work on June 24. The team members have been asked to help strengthen the national mobile network security system by promoting the research, development and practical application of new domestic technologies.

According to the source, experts in the information and communication sector believe that the effort is a strategic attempt to raise the level of the national mobile network security system to world-class standards. They believe that if even a part of this plan is implemented, it will be an important step forward in preventing party, state, and military secrets or internal information from being leaked to the outside world, and in enhancing self-reliance in the information and communications sector.

The source added, however, that some skeptical voices are emerging about the plan. These experts question whether technological independence and security enhancement can be achieved in the short time between now and the end of this year.

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July 02, 2024 at 12:30PM

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