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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Parliament Clothes Row: PM Modi praised, Kharge criticized

During Parliament session today, PM Modi steals the show by his speech and Jacket made by recycled plastic whereas Kharge criticized for wearing Luis Veto Muffler worth more than 50,000.

PM Narendra Modi wearing a Jacket made by recycled plastic bottles gave a message on sustainability. The jacket was presented to Honorable PM by Indian Oil at Energy Week Bengaluru.

While, the Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge delivered a speech on growing poverty issue by wearing a Rs: 50,000 Luis Veto scarf cum muffler in the Parliament.

Netizens across the social media handles mocked Kharge’s move and praised PM’s one. BJP members and MP’s also critisized Kharge for wearing lavish clothes.


Therefore, we can learn from Kharge that these small nuances matters a lot in Political and Main Stream Spectrum whereas a person sitting on India’s most powerful Chair is acting for the betterment of country by promoting Sustainability. PM Modi always proves himself a person related and belongs to the Inhabitants of the country not like a King.

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