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People are just realizing your window blinds are destroying Wi-Fi speeds and simple trick can solve issue

A LOT of us have blinds at home but some of these window accessories can negatively impact your Wi-Fi.

If you have blinds around the home, it may be worth rethinking where you place your Wi-Fi router.


Wi-Fi routers can be negatively impacted by certain blinds[/caption]

The issue was pointed out by internet experts at High Speed Options.

They explained: “While not completely necessary, it may be helpful to invest in fabric or paper blinds if you need more ways to strengthen your WiFi signal and have already tried everything else.”

Any form of metal can have a negative impact on your Wi-Fi speed.

Your router emits radio waves, and these are electromagnetic.

That means metal can absorb them and reduce the strength of your Wi-Fi.

Your router is best kept away from metal objects and in a central and clear location.

Even if you don’t have metal blinds, it’s worth keeping your router away from the window.

It’s only worth it if you want to send a signal outside.

Bear in mind that certain windows can also cause issues with your Wi-Fi speed.

Some double-glazed glass contains metal and that’s why Wi-Fi signals can struggle to pass through it.


Generally, you want to keep your router in an open area that’s raised from the floor.

Only place your router on the ground if you’re trying to send a signal downstairs.

Keep it away from other gadgets that emit signals.

Having the router on it’s own table in the certain of the home tends to be a good idea, depending on your home layout.

September 22, 2023 at 10:47PM

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