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South Hwanghae Province factory under probe for corruption

The Haeju Condiments Factory in South Hwanghae Province is under investigation by the authorities for corruption. It has been alleged that the factory graded its products and provided the highest quality products to government officials.

A Daily NK source in South Hwanghae Province revealed on Thursday that the Haeju Condiments Factory was grading its foodstuffs and secretly providing the best goods to city officials when a complaint was lodged against it by an old Korean War veteran who noticed what was happening.

The Haeju Condiments Factory makes sauces and pastes like soy sauce, soybean paste, and pepper paste. Last month, the factory produced these items in three grades. The top two grades went to prominent Haeju officials, and the lowest grade – grade 3 – went to old Korean War veterans.

The source confirmed that the factory delivered the high-quality foodstuffs to the officials in vans.

The factory only makes a little food for the public on major state holidays, and usually does not make anything for the general public, the source added.

Corruption surfaces after Korean War veteran lodges complaint

Corruption at the factory was exposed thanks to an old veteran’s complaint.

The veteran discovered that the soybean paste produced at the Haeju Condiments Factory was provided to the home of an official who lived in his neighborhood. He discovered that the paste was of a markedly inferior quality to the one he had received.

The factory’s soybean paste container said it was made from soybeans, but that was a lie. It was really watered down with other materials and mixed with corn kernels.

In stark contrast, the officials received paste made from pure soybeans. The veteran immediately went to South Hwanghae Province’s party committee to complain when he heard about this.

“The party says it cares about old veterans, the forebears of the revolution. But Haeju graded its products and gave the good stuff to officials, while the handful of surviving veterans got stuff so bad you couldn’t tell whether it was soybean paste or watered-down gruel,” the man complained, according to the source.

Upon hearing the allegations, the provincial party committee took immediate action, calling in the factory’s managing officials to find out what was going on.

The committee also ordered the provincial branch of the Ministry of Social Security’s economic crimes division to investigate the factory.

The agency immediately began its investigation by questioning the factory’s managing officials. Agency officials are investigating where the materials came from and how long the factory has been grading its products for distribution.

“A few factory officials are already facing investigations,” the source stated. “The probe is still in its early stages, but it’s clear that these officials will be held accountable. The provincial party committee also ordered a shakeup, saying the problematic officials must take responsibility.”

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June 17, 2024 at 12:00PM

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