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Terrifying moment festival reveller’s hair gets tangled in spinning Ferris wheel leaving her screaming in agony 25ft up

THIS is the terrifying moment a festivalgoer got her hair stuck in a Ferris wheel.

The ordeal occurred in the Indian town of Dwarka during the Shireshwar Carnival in Khambhalia, Gujarat, when a woman’s hair became trapped in the fairground ride.

Rescuers had to cut the woman’s hair to free her
Heroic staff worked 25ft above the ground to save the woman

The woman yelled in agony as her hair became entangled in the massive swinging structure which could have taken her life had staff not acted quickly enough.

The footage shows the victim was not able to move an inch as her entire hair was pulled by the shaft.


The funfair staff immediately hurried to stop the Ferris wheel.

When the joyride came to a stop, the brave men clambered onto the swing to disentangle her hair at a height of 25 feet.

Locals including Ferris staff were seen scrambling to remove her hair from the Ferris wheel in the scary clip.

The video then reveals stunned passers-by watching the horrific scenario happen in front of their eyes with some of them suggesting to the rescuers how to untangle the lady’s hair.


Some of the young onlookers laughed at the precarious situation.

According to accounts, the woman’s hair was finally ripped off altogether in a bid to set her free.

The video also shows a man cutting a woman’s hair with a knife as another holds her hair for support.

Meanwhile, residents at the carnival were irritated and expressed significant concerns about safety during similar events.


“The lady was writhing in pain. Who will be held accountable for this unfortunate incident?” Pramod Kumar, an eyewitness told The Sun Online.

“I hope we learn a lesson from these incidents and such incidents won’t take place in the near future,” another said.

Similarly, a 20-year-old girl from Bankura, West Bengal, died earlier this year after her hair became caught in the Ferris wheel’s rotator shaft.

According to accounts, the girl was crushed to the ground with her skin holding her head stuck in the swing.


Elsewhere, schoolgirl on a picnic enjoying the joyride narrowly avoided a possibly dangerous scenario on the Ferris wheel in Mansbal Park, in the Ganderbal district of Central Kashmir, India, in August.

The schoolgirl plunged through a narrow gap before grasping the iron bars tightly.

The girl was seen swinging in the air, anxiously clutching to an iron rod of the bucket before being dragged to safety.

It comes after a teenager was tragically killed on an Adrenaline slingshot ride in France earlier the same month.


The 17-year-old, known only as Sammy, died at the theme park in Cap D’Agde, Southern France, after suspected high winds rocked the ride.

Elsewhere, a woman lost her life and multiple kids were injured after a horror roller coaster crash in Sweden.

The 35-year-old died as nine people, including children, were rushed to the hospital following the accident at the Grona Lund amusement park in Stockholm.

The woman’s long hair got trapped in the ride
A large crowd gathered to watch the rescue

September 25, 2023 at 12:41AM

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