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The B&M buy that melts silicone sealant mould in seconds & cleaning whizzes say there’s no scrubbing involved either

CLEANING fans are raving about a cheap B&M buy that melts away silicone sealant mould in seconds. 

And according to one cleaning expert, it really is worth the hype. 


A £1.19 B&M buy has been tipped to work wonders on silicone mould[/caption]

Silicone sealant is most commonly found along the edges of showers, baths, and sinks.

It is caulked as a wet paste and once cured into a rubbery solid, prevents water from getting between the fixture and your walls

But its effectiveness at not letting water pass through is actually what causes mould to grow on it, as the droplets and condensation sit on top of the sealant. 

Condensation is the leading cause of mould in the UK and commonly occurs in parts of the home with high moisture levels – such as the edges of your shower and between bath tiles. 

Cleaning mould out from your sealant can be a nightmare due to its impervious surface.

And if you want to remove the mouldy section, you’ll have to remove all of the rubber and reseal again. 

However, cleaning expert and product development scientist Olivia Young affirmed an easy hack to banish sealant mould almost instantly. 

She recommended the Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster, claiming that it requires no scrubbing and works magic on mouldy shower sealant

“The rubbery consistency of bath and shower sealant, combined with the damp and warm environment in a bathroom, quite simply is a breeding ground for mould,” Olivia told Express.

“Whilst it’s not something you’d want to have in there, it is a common occurrence for millions of households.

“When it comes to mould, there’s no messing around – you’ve got to act quickly. 

Get to work removing it as soon as you spot it, as leaving it will only make the problem worse.”

She claimed the key to “quickly and effectively” removing mould from the silicone sealant is to use a specialist cleaning product.

And the Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster costs just £1.19 at B&M.

“A few sprays of the Mould & Mildew Blaster will remove mould stains in a matter of minutes,” Olivia said.

“Simply spray, leave for two to three minutes and then wipe clean without the need for scrubbing.”

She also said that because the product is made with an active formula, it will “prevent the return of any mould” for months.

September 20, 2023 at 06:24PM

from The Sun

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