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We made up a name for our baby – we love it but always have to explain it… people think she’s named after a biscuit

A COUPLE who came up with a unique name for their second daughter constantly face questions from people who think she’s named after a biscuit.

Imogen Horton and husband Spencer welcomed their little girl into the world in August, and have been keeping fans updated about her progress ever since.

Imogen and husband Spencer called their second daughter Oriavella
But they’re constantly asked how to pronounce the name – with some people thinking she’s named after an Oreo biscuit
The couple are also parents to daughter Renaelia – and made up her name too

While they explained the meaning behind the tot’s name in a lengthy video on YouTube, they’re always being asked how to pronounce it.

So Imogen took to TikTok to share a video explaining, as she held her daughter and said: “Lots of people are asking me how to say your name.

“Shall we say it together? Yes. This is Oriavella Lilac Horton.”

However, the beginning of the name – and the subtitles on the video – unfortunately gave the impression that the baby may have been named after something else.

“I thought you named your daughter after a biscuit!” one wrote.

“Oreo Bella, Oreo Bella,” another added.

“The subtitles need to mind their business, they are causing more confusion,” a third laughed.

“Oreo?” someone else commented.

Others were even less impressed with the moniker, with one writing: “Sorry what?”

“Terrible lmao,” another added.

“Yuck,” a third said cruelly.

While another made a Friends reference by writing: “Princess consuela banana hammock!”

However, others loved the unique name – which Imogen and Spencer chose to pay tribute to her late Uncle Ray, and actually means “my light golden beauty”.

“I love it. It’s different but not ridiculous,” one wrote.

“You and Spencer come up with the most meaningful and sweet names,” another added.

“Sounds like something from a fairytale,” a third gushed.

“I’ve never heard such a beautiful unique name like this before,” someone else said.

As another wrote: “I absolutely LOVE that you two make up names for your beautiful children”.

Imogen and Spencer are also parents to daughter Renaelia Florence.

And Imogen also said in her YouTube video that she loved the fact she could call her girls Ori and Ren as well.

The pair also explained that they’d first come up with the name Ori, before also loving the name Vella.

They eventually found a way to combine the two monikers, with her middle name a tribute to Spencer’s grandmother and Imogen’s favourite colour growing up.

September 18, 2023 at 06:48PM

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