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Where is Virgin River filmed?

VIRGIN River has been warming our hearts since it first arrived on Netflix.

The show is set in an idyllic town, with some fans wondering if they can visit the dreamy filming locations.

Netflix’s Virgin River is set in a fictional town but the locations are real

Where is Virgin River set?

The Netflix show is set in California, in the fictional town of Virgin River.


The river in the story doesn’t actually exist, although it is thought to be part of the Colorado River, which goes through Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

The show is based on a book of the same name, and the author revealed more about the fictional town.

 “It’s idealized, it’s utopian, it’s the perfect small town,” Robyn Carr told Entertainment Weekly in October 2018. “People always write and say, ‘Where is it? I want to go there,’ and I have to remind them that it only exists in our hearts and minds.”


She added: “But to further that thought, we can have that sense of community in our own neighborhood or school or church group or community center or library association. All we have to do is try to create it.”

Meanwhile, despite being set in the US, the show was actually filmed across Canada.


The primary location is in British Columbia.

Where is Virgin River filmed?

Lots of the filming took place in Snug Cove, a small community on Bowen Island in British Columbia, Canada, which became the town of Virgin River.

The very first scene, which shows the Welcome to Virgin River sign, however, was filmed in Agassiz in Eastern Fraser Valley.


Mel’s house

The cabin which Mel lives in is actually located in Murdo Frazer Park in North Vancouver.

The rundown caretaker’s house has been used in other TV shows, such as Once Upon A Time and The Flash.

In reality, the cabin is part of a park with crazy golf and wood trails.

Jack’s Bar

The bar which Jack and Mel often hang out in, aptly named Jack’s Bar, is filmed in Backendale in Squamish, just north of Vancouver.


The actual restaurant, The Watershed Grill, has views of the mountains and Squamish river.

While exterior shots were filmed there, the interior shots were filmed in a studio.

Another pub scene at Samz Neighbourhood pub was filmed in Port Coquitlam, a city to the east of Vancouver.

To get to Snug Cove, you need to take a 20 minute ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island or one of the water taxis from downtown Vancouver.


Port Coquitlam is on the east of Vancouver and easily accessible by bus.

How can I watch Virgin River?

Seasons 2 to 5 are available to watch on Netflix right now, with a Christmas special dropping in 2023.

This means you have 50 wonderful episodes to binge watch all at once.

Netflix is yet to confirm a fourth season.



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