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Woman left stunned as she realises X-Ray technicians can see more than you think on the images

A WOMAN has been left stunned after learning just what X-Ray technicians can see on the images.

Haley admitted she’d never realised the extent of the imaging, and had been shell-shocked when she found out.

Haley had been left stunned after realising that X-Ray technicians can see EVERYTHING
But X-Ray technician Kayli said that they can actually see a lot more than that

Radiologists can see tampons or even IUDs in place[/caption]


Lots of people in the comments section were equally shocked by the revelations[/caption]

“Why did nobody tell me that they can see poo poo on an X ray?” she wailed in a video on her TikTok page.

X-Ray technician Kayli then stitched the video, as she said: “I’m also here to tell you that we can also see your tampons if you have them in.

“And then if you have a little IUD, we can see those too.

“So it’s not just poo poo! We can see those things too.”

Many people used the comments section to admit they’d also been left shocked by the technician’s revelation.

“Never getting an X-Ray again thank you,” one person wrote.

“Trust me, none of us care,” another responded.

“That’s my TMI for the day,” someone else commented.

“The best is when you can see when someone is REEEAAAALLY constipated,” another laughed.

“When i was a child i had to go to the doctor for stomach pain and they did an x ray,” someone else recalled.

“Turns out i had to poop the poop was huge.”

Another comment read: “Apparently they see fart as well… I just had an X-Ray because of kidney pain (stone) and my records says ‘covered by intestinal gas’.”

Someone else said they’d had a bike accident and then had been shown her full body X-Ray, “including the piercings which my mum never knew anything about”.

“I had to explain what a menstrual cup is to my doctor after I got an x-ray on my hip,” another laughed.

As someone else wrote: “Ultrasound tech was like ‘you’re full of wind!’

“I thought I’d farted and didn’t realise, I was so embarrassed!”

September 24, 2023 at 06:47PM

from The Sun

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