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You have 20/20 vision if you can find six pumpkins hidden in the park in this optical illusion in less than 10 seconds

VIEWERS that have been able to spot the missing six pumpkins in a challenging fall-themed brain teaser may have 20/20 vision — but they only have ten seconds to do so.

With autumn arriving and Halloween approaching fast, pumpkins are getting easier to find.

Spin Genie UK

Viewers that can find the six hidden pumpkins in under 10 seconds have better vision than 85 percent of other players[/caption]

Although a new optical illusion from SpinGenie might prove that a certain six pumpkins hidden within it could be a little harder for most people to spot.

The image features an orange background surrounding the park with four trees and a bike roadway near the bottom right corner.

Several parkgoers can be seen — some having a picnic, another on a nearby swing, a dog walker and their pup, a jogger, and more.

Leaves also scatter the ground in changing colors signifying the change in seasons, making it especially difficult to locate the six lingering pumpkins.

To complete the challenge, viewers must close their eyes and only open them when they are ready to start, after setting 10 seconds on the clock.

Ready, set, go!

How many pumpkins were you able to locate?

Did you find all six by the time the clock ran out?

If you did, you beat 85 percent of viewers who tried, according to SpinGenie, and you may have 20/20 vision.

Even if you didn’t locate any, look closely again around the trees and near the center of the image.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the answer to where the six pumpkins were hiding if you’re completely stumped.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, there are also several other fall-themed illusions to take on that could prove players have a high IQ.

An image featuring small brown, red, and yellow leaves sneakily hold apples hidden within them.

All the leaves are deliberately packed tightly into the image to make viewers squint as they search.

There should be a total of four apples, and viewers only have 15 seconds to find them all.

Optical illusions may have surprising benefits for your brain.

Solving puzzles and optical illusions can even improve IQ, according to ZenBusiness.

“These visual puzzles can give you a good mental workout that can, in turn, help you think more efficiently and solve problems more easily,” the site reads.

For more optical illusions, check out a mind-boggling challenge that demands players find the three foxes hidden within a plethora of red pandas in 10 seconds or less.

The U.S. Sun also has a Halloween-themed brain teaser that challenges viewers to find the cat wearing a witch’s hat in under 30 seconds.

Spin Genie UK

The six pumpkins were hidden in several corners of the park[/caption]
September 21, 2023 at 02:42AM

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