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You have razor-sharp vision if you can spot the smartphone among the gadgets in less than 10 seconds

IF YOU can spot the smartphone hidden among these electronics in just a few seconds you could have razor-sharp vision.

Can you solve this brain teaser in less than 10 seconds?


Can you spot the hidden smartphone in under 10 seconds?[/caption]

This illusion, created by the comparison site Idealo, shows a number of gadgets around and on top of one another. 


The teaser is super tricky due to the clashing colors of the items. 

This image is made up of bright block colors so each of the many gadgets could stand out to viewers.

Therefore the hidden smartphone may not easily stand out right away.

Some of the electronics in the photo include a camera, laptop, headphones, and even some stationary. 


This illusion could look like a student’s dumped-out school bag.

September is the perfect month to find the hidden smartphone among the gadgets and school supplies as it is the start of the academic year. 

Have you found the smartphone yet?

If not here is a clue. 


Look towards the bottom of the illusion. 

If you still can’t spot it then here is another clue.

The phone may be hiding behind an iPod and a pair of scissors.

For viewers who were not able to find the phone in less than 10 seconds do not worry because the answer is down below.


You may have razor-sharp vision but could you have 20/20 vision?

Test out your 20/20 vision by checking if you can find the hidden disco ball in this illusion in under 10 seconds.

Optical illusions can also reveal aspects of your personality. 

What you see first in this image could disclose whether your biggest fear is being alone or being ridiculed.


This illusion could reveal if you are an overworker based on what you see first.


If you found the phone in less than 10 seconds you could have razor-sharp vision[/caption]
September 14, 2023 at 03:21PM

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