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AAP failed to curb Delhi’s Air Pollution Despite Govt. in Punjab and Delhi – BJP

BJP has vehemently criticized AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal for failing to curb Delhi’s Air Pollution despite their government in both Delhi and Punjab. This criticism came after Arvind Kejriwal blamed other factors and states to be responsible in Delhi’s air pollution, which he used to do for Punjab state till last year.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in a press conference unveiled another execution of Weather response action plan phase 3. According to the plan, residents of Delhi are instructed to avoid morning walk. Delhi CM says, “PM2.5 is on severely hazardous level now. It can have adverse effects on the health on the health of citizens of Delhi. We have issued orders to all the government and private contractors to stop road and building constructions in the state. Also, production of not so necessary goods has been stopped by factories. We request our citizens preferably avoid morning walk in such a polluted atmosphere.               

BJP MP Manoj Tiwari alleged, “Delhi government is making propaganda that the act of burning agricultural waste in neighbouring states is responsible for sir pollution in Delhi.” Tiwari asked, “Delhi government-imposed restrictions on Diwali celebrations to avoid pollution. What is the result?” When asked to Delhi CM by media on Tiwari”s allegations he replied, “Fog in winter is a natural thing, but smoke emitted from Diwali crackers convert fog into smog, which is hazardous for health of living beings as well as crops too. So imposing restrictions on Diwali crackers was a necessary decision for the sake of public.”

BJP also contended that AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal used to blame Punjab Government for failing to curb stubble bringing in the state which contributed the major part in Delhi’s Pollution. But now despite the AAP government in Punjab they are reluctant to their own words and did nothing to curb Delhi’s air pollution except for blaming other states for his own mismanagements.

Talking about the problem of burning agricultural waste, Delhi CM said “Burning agricultural waste has a share of 24 percent in Delhi air pollution. Regarding this situation, I requested the chief ministers of neighbouring states like Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to prohibit the farmers in their respective states from burning agricultural waste. I admire the efforts of Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann who installed setup of satellite cameras to detect fire in his state.  Then the local Punjab government authorities reach the spot, stop the fire with water and request the farmers not to burn the agricultural waste in their farms. We have a plan to provide agricultural waste recycling machinery to farmers in near future. Our research team is working on that. I hope the other states will also cooperate with us to solve air pollution problem. ”

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