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Bacchu Kadu went to Guwahati on my single call – Devendra Fadanvis

Maharashtra, 1st November: In a press conference held at Mumbai press club at 5 pm, Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadanvis thanked the government for announcing the electronic hub and textile hub projects for the state.

The minister said “I thank Central Government for gifting the electronic hub and textile hub projects to our Maharashtra state. I appreciate the foresightedness of our Prime Minister, Hon’ Narandra Modi Ji, about the growing market of electronic goods in the electronic era.”

Dy CM further added, “the projects may start before the declaration of for the annual budget of the Maharashtra legislative assembly session next year. We expect the projects will commence and be completed soon, which will be really helpful to Maharashtra state’s progress. It will also provide employment for young people in Maharashtra.”                

Devendra Fadanvis slammed the opposition and a few journalists for spreading the rumour that the Foxconn project was moved from Maharashtra to Gujrat because of the newly formed Eknath Shinde government. He pointed out the suspicious behaviour of former MVA government ministers regarding negotiations on the Foxconn project.

He clarified that his government has formed just three months ago but the Foxconn project was moved out of Maharashtra during the tenure of the MVA government itself.

When asked about the allegations and conflict between the Eknath Shinde supporters of two independent MLA’s, Bacchu Kadu and Ravi Rana, Devendra Fadanvis replied, “It’s mere a result of misunderstanding between the two respected MLA’S. I and Hon’ble CM met both the MLA’s at CM residence Varsha and sorted the issued.”

Deputy CM further said “the opposition’s allegations of lending 50 crore rupees at Guwahati to each MLA for dissolving MVA government and supporting newly formed Shinde government are totally baseless.”

I just called independent MLA Bacchu Kadu Sir in July and requested him to come to Guwahati to support the BJP and Eknath Shinde group to form a stable government for Maharashtra’s sake and progress.  

I am sure that the BJP- Shinde group alliance government with the support of independent MLA’s will last long and serve the state for development in coming years. ” Deputy CM denied any disputes regarding ministerial posts in between the two groups.  

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