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Six of the best places in Asia for poker and roulette fans

If you’re planning a trip abroad as a gambling fan, you may want to combine the two and go to a foreign land that will explore the joy of gambling entertainment. Asia is one of the greatest destinations to explore foreign lands, fascinating cultures, and the beloved fun that comes with casinos. In a very exotic part of the globe, you will be greeted with breathless views gazing upon the landscapes along with a world-class casino experience.

Every country has a display of its own magnificent individuality, especially in the gambling world. Asia is home to some of the casino capitals of the East, giving you the best experience available. Here are some of the best places to visit across Asia when it comes to casino-based games.


Known for its supreme wild landscapes and busy capital, Kazakhstan has some of the best casinos across Asia, especially in Kapchagay, where gambling fans have lots of choices for their favorite casino games. There are many casinos to be found in this region, the best being in the entertainment complex.


Each continent has a go-to destination that delivers the epitome of heaven for the punters. Las Vegas is the gambling mecca for North America, while Monaco is the European alternative. The same can be said for Macau in Asia. Often known as the Las Vegas of the East, this small island has 38 casinos, some of which are the largest and most spectacular in the world. There are lots of games to be played, such as slots, tables, and a unique array of Chinese gambling games. What makes these casinos even better is that many of them operate 24/7. As one of the only regions of China and Hong Kong where gambling is legal, billions are invested and spent each and every year. Due to the legality, Macau is one of the top destinations for Chinese tourists who flock in their millions for a chance to relax in the casinos. The industry is growing at an outstanding rate and is a must-visit destination for all casino lovers.


Moving further south, you can find the island of Singapore. The island is synonymous with high standards, luxury living, and strict laws. The country only has two casinos, but the grand size of each, along with the grandeur and exclusivity, makes them some of the hot casino spots in the world. Each casino stands as a symbol of the city, with the gravitas attracting millions of tourists and enthusiasts each year. Billions are raised in revenue each year, and there’s no better way to end a tropical-soaked day than in perhaps the most luxurious casino in the world, cooling down and sipping on a fresh rum and coke.


North of Singapore, you can find Malaysia, and while it is only home to a single casino complex where gambling takes place legally, it is still one of the greatest in Asia. Operated by the same board that runs the casinos found in Singapore, it is situated just an hour’s drive away from the cosmopolitan capital of the country. The location is the main draw for this casino. It sits 1800 meters above sea level and can be reached by car on one of the two cable car lifts. The journey comes with stunning views of the surrounding lush forest that surrounds the complex. The casino boasts an incredible number of rooms in the joining hotel. There are a massive 7351 of them, over 3000 gaming machines, and over 400 gambling tables. You won’t have to ever leave the complex as your entire stay can be spent having quality time in the phenomenal vistas in the misty clouds.


Cambodia used to be one of the poorest regions in South East Asia, but in recent times it has seen steady growth due to the rising gambling industry that can be found there. There are over 50 casinos in the country, most of which can be found along the Thailand and Vietnamese borders, catering to neighboring citizens who want to spend some time playing their favorite casino games. The venues can expect to display close to 200 tables which are made even grander when it is combined with the beautiful pristine beaches, awe-inspiring temples, and exotic atmospheres. Throw all this together, and you have a trip of a lifetime.


The Philippines is home to some of the most pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and tropical climates, but did you know that the country is becoming a paradise for gamblers above everything else? Across the country, 65 casinos can be found spread through the island cities attracting huge numbers of tourists and businessmen. As is the case with many other countries we have mentioned on this list, lots of tourists flock from China, where gambling is illegal. The Philippines has some of the most well-renowned casinos where you are pushed to test your skills and your luck. There is a lot to explore, making the Philippines one of the best places to stay for holidaymakers and gambling enthusiasts.

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