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Monday, November 28, 2022

Beyond Qatar: Migrant Workers Are Exploited in America Too

https://ift.tt/CXxRvGM treatment of migrant workers has been...

White House Seeks More Aid for Ukraine Before Republicans Take Control of House

https://ift.tt/CXxRvGM Biden administration is seeking $37 billion...

Bird Flu in Nebraska Prompts Slaughter of Additional 1.8M Chickens

https://ift.tt/aDqwPHm like on other farms where bird...

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Brazil: Bolsonaro supporters urge military to keep him in power

SAO PAULO: Thousands of supporters of Ex-President Jair Bolsonaro called on Brazil's military on Wednesday to intervene to keep the right-wing president in power...

Lula da Silva wins Brazil’s presidency Election, defeating Jair Bolsonaro

SAO PAULO, Oct 30 - Luis Inacio Lula da Silva narrowly defeated President Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday in a runoff election that marked a...

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