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52 Starlink satellites launched from California base, Elon Musk’s Spacex

A SpaceX rocket carried 52 Starlink internet satellites into orbit from California early Saturday.

The SpaceX rocket carried 52 Starlink satellites online to orbit from California earlier Saturday.

The two-phase rocket falcon 9 left the Vandenberg Space Force Base at 4:41 am and passed through the Pacific.

The first phase of the Falcon returned and settled in the SpaceX droneship at sea. It was the eleventh launch and recovery of the stage.

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The second phase continued into orbit and satellite transmission was confirmed, said launch analyst Youmei Zhou at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

Starlink is a global satellite-based online platform SpaceX has been building for many years to bring internet access to the most neglected places in the world.

Saturday’s event was the 34th launch of Starlink, a nearly 2,000 satellite star in Earth orbit.

SpaceX was also scheduled to launch a Turkish communications satellite from Florida at 10:58 pm EST on Saturday.

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