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China accused of using WeChat to shape public policy outcomes in Texas and Florida

1 May: China has been using social media platforms such as WeChat to shape public policy outcomes in Texas and Florida, according to a report by the Stanford Internet Observatory.

The report, which was released on Friday, claims that Chinese actors have been using these platforms to spread propaganda and influence public opinion in these two states. The tactics include creating fake accounts, using automated bots, and spreading false information.

The report also suggests that the Chinese government is using these tactics to advance its own interests and undermine US democracy. It claims that these efforts are part of a broader campaign by China to shape global public opinion and promote its own values.

The Stanford Internet Observatory researchers found that the Chinese actors were spreading propaganda on a wide range of issues, including the Covid-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the US presidential election.


The report states that the Chinese actors used a variety of tactics to spread their message, including creating fake news stories, using automated bots to amplify their message, and paying influencers to spread their message.

The researchers found that these efforts were particularly successful in Texas and Florida, where the Chinese actors were able to influence public opinion and shape policy outcomes.

The report concludes that the Chinese government’s use of social media platforms to shape public policy outcomes in the US is a serious threat to US democracy and should be taken seriously by policymakers.

The report’s findings come amid growing concerns about China’s use of technology to influence public opinion around the world. The US has recently taken steps to counter these efforts, including imposing sanctions on Chinese officials and tech companies.


In response to the report, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in Washington DC said that the allegations were “completely groundless” and “fabricated out of thin air.”

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