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Facebook flooded with over 650,000 posts attacking election ahead of the deadly US Capitol protest

An investigation by ProPublica and The Washington Post says that Facebook played a key role in fueling the flames that led to the Capitol massacre.

Facebook groups were filled with more than 650,000 posts attacking the results of the 2020 election ahead of the deadly US Capitol protest on January 6, 2021, according to a survey by ProPublica and the Washington Post.

Posted by more than 10,000 cents a day between Election Day on November 3, 2020, and the day of the Capitol riots – many of them lying about Joe Biden’s victory as a fraud and many go public. calls for violence, according to the investigation.

Although former President Donald Trump has been suspended from Facebook for concerns that his speech contributed to the January 6 violence, investigations have suggested that Facebook itself has played a key role in fueling the unrest.

The report alleges that Facebook ‘s heavy reliance on the parties to run the forum has played a key role in increasing access to false information and provocative posts.


Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Posts calling the “civil war on the streets” and violence in the Capitol became commonplace in pro-Trump Facebook groups. One post said, “Everyone needs to do a FOCE show in DC on the 6th.” One included the slogans “fight like hell” and “shoot the traitors,” and the other suggested using shooting groups to eliminate “political leaders who undermined our freedom.”

Drew Pusateri, a spokesman for Facebook’s parent company Meta, said in a statement sent by e-mail: “The idea that the uprising could not have happened but on Facebook is absurd. The responsibility for the January 6 violence lies with those who attack our Capitol and those who promote it. We have a long history of successfully co-operating with the law.

The investigation also concluded that while Facebook wants to undermine its role in Capitol events, the social media giant did little to help police succeed and remove violent content. Prior to the election, Facebook reportedly set up a special Party task force that directs police political parties. Although the task force managed to oust hundreds of groups promoting violent content, according to an investigation, Facebook shut down after the election and cut down on other forms of coercion.

Facebook’s downsizing of post-election content, mixed with the company’s emphasis on promoting party interaction in its area, has led to a spate of posts that spread false information and call for violence on the site, according to the investigation.


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