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Paris biggest taxi firm suspends use of Tesla Model 3 cars after fatal accident

Tesla denies any technical problem with the car as authorities investigate the accident which killed one person and injured 20

Paris’ largest taxi company has said it will suspend the use of the Model 3 Teslas on its ship following a tragic accident in the French capital over the weekend.

The driver lost control of his Tesla on Saturday night in the southeastern region of Paris 13, killing one person and injuring 20, while three people were in a critical condition.

Prosecutors in Paris on Saturday opened an investigation into the incident.

Considering the speed and speed of the car, which crashed into several objects while crashing into the road, there were initially suspected malfunctions in the form of a stuck accelerator.

The G7 taxi company, which claims to be Europe’s largest factory on its website, said 37 of its drivers use the Tesla Model 3, while other Tesla models will continue to operate.

After inspecting the wrecked car data from a distance, Tesla has denied any technical issues with the vehicle. The U.S. military has said it will not discuss the details with French authorities if requested.

Tesla’s safety record has been questioned in the past for a series of fatal accidents related to its autopilot-assisted motorists, which is able to steer, brake and accelerate self-driving.

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