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The Advantages of SMS Broadcast for Real-time Alerts and Notifications

One of the best features SMS marketing offers is the ability to use real-time alerts and notifications. This has such a massive impact on your marketing strategy because, unlike many other forms of marketing, SMS gets immediate engagement in many cases. This is because of the proliferation of smartphones and the integration of texting online into our daily lives. This gives you a significant advantage when it comes to leveraging the power of SMS for immediate sales.

Creating Scarcity

Imagine you’re just sitting around and getting a text offering a special discount on something you’ve wanted for quite some time but couldn’t afford. This is already tempting, but when you see that you have only a few hours to act, chances are you’ll jump at the chance to get the thing you’ve always wanted at a discounted price.

This is the power of scarcity combined with the instantaneous nature of SMS marketing. Scarcity and the fear of loss have been powerful psychological motivators for eons. When you combine it with the promise of instant gratification through text messages, you unlock a powerful marketing strategy that hacks the human brain so that you can get amazing conversions.

Turning a Loss Into a Win

Imagine another scenario and say you’re the proprietor of a local bar having a bad night. Instead of just taking the loss and dealing with the revenue you’ll miss out on, you can use SMS to turn things around by sending a message announcing a special offer. You could sell chicken wings at half price for a couple of hours. You may have a drink special until you close. Either way, your loyal customers will want to show up for your special offer if they’re not engaged.


Using this strategy, you just turned a slow night into a winner that will produce fantastic revenue. Best of all, your customers feel indebted to you for giving them such an amazing surprise. This element of reciprocity is hard-wired into our brains, making it easy to exploit for future marketing purposes.

Instant Engagement

The most significant advantage that real-time broadcast SMS has over email marketing is how it can produce instant engagement. With email, people often check their inbox once a day or not even that often. This makes it easy to miss your messages and time-sensitive offers. SMS, however, doesn’t have this problem. People are conditioned to check their phones whenever they get a message since it could be from someone important. If you’ve done an excellent job cultivating customer loyalty, trust, and respect from your subscribers, they’ll tend to read your messages when you send them. This key element makes the first two examples possible and accentuates the power of SMS marketing.

Faster Data Compilation

If you truly understand marketing, then you will be compiling data based on how your subs respond to your SMS messages. You’ll know everything from how fast they are to read them to how many people are actually clicking your links. Either way, the data you get will be significant, and you will get it very quickly. Why is this important? Because this data will allow you to improve your campaigns for better engagement and a higher conversion rate. Ultimately, your goal is to make money after all, and the road map from SMS marketing to pure profit will be found in the data you collect. More data gathered faster thanks to the instantaneous nature of SMS means your campings will be optimized faster for greater ROI.

Real-Time Alerts are the Future of Marketing

Faster marketing means faster revenue flow. This can then be funneled back into your marketing budget to increase your returns even more. SMS is fast-paced but so simple that even your custodian could do it. Most businesses use an SMS alert service to fuel their campaigns. They’re affordable and give you all the tools to create successful SMS campaigns using instant real-time alerts, segmented subscriber lists, and massive broadcast marketing blasts.


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