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Ways Light Curtain Sensors Are Used For Safety

Surveillance and security are two integral aspects of society that are reaching extreme heights– and rightfully so. Over the years, teams of experts have created the most efficient tools to help establish a more protected workforce and society. With their advancements in innovations and upgrades, safety is more accessible and virtually impenetrable.  

Industrial and manufacturing environments especially benefit from the robust contraptions that secure their operations. In fact, these sectors contain keep-out zones that strictly enforce that there be no personal interference to avoid unfortunate accidents. Usually, it is because they are where heavy machinery and harmful substances are kept. Therefore, these areas are particularly hard to manage without human intervention, which is where high-tech creations come in. 

One of the contraptions that help reinforce security in workplaces is the safety light curtain. Contrary to its name, it has stark differences in purpose and appearance from the household item most are familiar with. Instead, this device works as an efficient barrier for dangerous areas and operates on sensory technology to ensure protection from hazardous environments. However, there are several ways these function for safety, and we will enumerate them here. 

An Extensive Look Into Safety Light Curtains

Multiple industries utilize massive pieces of machinery that are detrimental to their employees’ safety. In these cases, physical barriers such as fences are insufficient and not worth the risk. Installing light curtains is an optimal solution to maintain the welfare of both the business and its workforce. 


Safety light curtains have been an overwhelming help to limit access and monitor the premises. They are deemed as perimeter protection and surveillance systems. As soon as the light beams come in contact with human touch, the machines immediately stop operating to prevent any mishaps. 

The Science Behind  Light Curtains

Light curtains come in a variety of forms. To illustrate them further, two parallel contraptions emit and receive laser diodes or LEDs. The latter unit detects frequencies and pulse patterns of the former with its phototransistors. It also contains a circuit that distinguishes the light signals from external interference. 

Aside from the form, these devices also vary in configuration. They have a wide range of options that identify objects, their sizes, and materials and respond accordingly. In some cases, they might even contain other mechanical additions. The visual barriers the light curtains create either pulsate or are constant and will not harm anyone who infiltrates the light. 

Light Curtains According to Location

Point Of Operation

The point of operation is one of the places wherein safety light curtains are employed for protection. It is usually found in material handling sites with heavy machinery, ensuring nothing will be able to penetrate the danger zone as operations are ongoing. 



On the other hand, when safety light curtains serve as perimeter protection, they define the limits of working spaces. It is common to see them near types of machinery with large moving levers and robotic arms. They also make sure no person comes in contact with mechanical equipment. 

Light Curtain Sensors

Most importantly, the sensors are the pioneering technology that operates behind light curtains. It is more advanced than generic ones and performs an array of functions. First, their notable feature is that they are self-diagnosing, which is effective and cost-efficient. It will also make for a more low-maintenance safety management system. In addition to that, the security devices contain integrated controllers that send output to a central network, such as a load or PLC.

Before we dive into how they create a safe and secure working environment, it is important to note that light curtain sensors fall under two categories and function according to their classification. First, there is type 2, which is self-diagnosing upon startup and commonly for low-risk enforcement. While type 4 is a more advanced technology that covers a range of applications and is more extensive in performance. It has scanners that constantly troubleshoot and is more efficient in self-managing. 

How They Reinforce Safety

Safety light curtain sensors primarily govern the safety function of the instrument and do so in numerous ways. Here, we look at their applications comprehensively and extensively. 


Activates Alarms

With self-diagnosing and troubleshooting features, light curtains require minimal to no management. Consequently, they also give additional protection beyond their primary function. By correctly observing and responding to their surroundings and nearby activity, the sensors can perform more actions, such as setting off an alarm and conducting emergency shutdowns. As a result, a load is taken off of employees, giving them less to worry about. 

Eliminates The Need For Other Equipment

Light curtain sensors even provide monitoring functions. They manage the internal system and regulate performance by emitting stop signals when anomalies are found. Additionally, they maintain security by being impenetrable with their locks, which can only be adjusted by resetting the device. It drastically reduces the need for additional equipment to reinforce safety within the workplace by being an advanced and automated option. 

The multiple features of light curtain sensors make them a cost-effective solution. By performing numerous functions, industries are given the freedom to maximize their budget. Furthermore, in allotting their funds to other aspects of their businesses, they optimize operations, resulting in an efficient and safe environment. 

Adheres To Impeccable Safety Standards

Light curtain sensors are the main component that keeps the gears moving to implement safety. In addition to that, they only follow the strictest regulations that guarantee that each output is in excellent condition. 


By adhering to industrial safety standards, light curtain sensors are reliable and beneficial elements. The utilization of this sensory technology is also the better option with more integrity. The advancement of this security item enhances the compliance of the integrated systems more than the generic and low-quality alternatives. 

Protecting And Resisting

Safety light curtains both implement safety and stay protected themselves. Moreover, the sensors inside of them are also strong enough to remain intact despite being near dangerous work conditions. In addition, the overall structure is designed for maximum protection and resistance to diverse environments. Finally, by maintaining their integrity, operations will be safer and more secure for longer. 

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