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Amazon-owned Twitch suspends Amazon-owned channel for nudity

Amazon is now technically censoring itself, as Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has suspended the Prime Video Espana channel after a display that violated nudity rules.

During an end-of-year stream of the panel show Esto Es Un Late, a female host decided to ‘go for the ban’ and started lifting up her shirt. She was joined by another panelist who also briefly exposed her nipple. The stream wasn’t blocked right away, the camera simply cut away, but when the host decided to do it one more time later in the broadcast, the stream was immediately cut and replaced by a title card.


“Esto Es Un Late”, 2021. © Prime Video España / Amazon Prime Video


There hasn’t been any official statement from Twitch regarding the suspension; however, it’s more than likely that it was indeed due to a violation of Twitch’s community guidelines on nudity, which prohibit anyone who ‘presents as a woman’ from exposing their nipples. 

What makes this unusual is that this marks the first time that an Amazon-affiliated channel has ever been suspended on the Amazon-owned platform, which apparently goes to show that not even Amazon is exempt from its own rules.

https://ift.tt/3pdKjIm 20, 2021 at 05:58PM
from RT – Daily news


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