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Apple strikes back, taking Russia’s market regulator to court

US technology giant Apple has brought legal action against Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) in an effort to challenge the request to “stop abuse in the market” submitted by that body earlier this year.
Apple is seeking a judicial review of a warning, which is forcing the iPhone maker to allow app developers to tell customers about alternative payment options when using its App Store platform.

The warning, delivered by the government body in August, gave Apple a September 30 deadline to resolve the issue. Back then, the regulator warned that the Cupertino-based multinational could face a fine that would be calculated based on its revenue in Russia.

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In October, the country’s anti-trust watchdog launched proceedings against the company for non-compliance with the request.

The case arose after users of iOS devices, along with developers, had notified the regulator with a complaint that it was sometimes cheaper to buy a product on the seller’s website rather than on Apple’s platform.

The difference in price is attributed to the commission of up to 30% that Apple takes from each payment on App Store. At the same time, app developers are banned from informing users about alternative methods of payment. They are also not allowed to offer links to the developer’s site, service and registration form, where there would be a transition to the website.

Earlier this year, FAS fined Apple $12 million (906 million rubles) for violating competition principles, as the company had placed restrictions upon Kaspersky Safe Kids, a parental control app. The US firm filed a lawsuit to fight against the penalty.

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