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Deputy Foreign Minister Lee delivers speech at German conference

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Roy Chun Lee delivered a speech via video at the 2nd Berlin Taiwan Conference Nov. 13 in the European city, urging Germany to expand partnership with Taiwan as part of de-risking relations with China.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the two-day event was organized by Reinhard Butikofer, chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with the People’s Republic of China. It involved around 100 experts, officials, members of the press and parliamentarians from Europe, Taiwan and around the globe to discuss Taiwan’s January 2024 presidential election.
In his speech, Lee said the quadrennial election bears testament to Taiwan’s vibrant democracy and demonstrates how the population treasures its hard-earned freedom. Despite differences between Taiwan political parties’ policy platforms, maintaining the status quo and opposing Beijing’s so-called “one China policy” and “one country, two systems” have consensus across Taiwan’s society, he added.
However, Lee said China has attempted to interfere with the process by increased frequency of economic and military coercion and the spread of disinformation. He added that Beijing is also trying to change the status quo with gray-zone tactics, such as sending military planes and ships across the median line of the Taiwan Strait and dividing society.
Facing such composite threats, the deputy minister said Taiwan is enhancing its self-defense capabilities, developing asymmetrical strategies and strengthening social resilience while doing its best to avoid confrontation with China and thus maintain peace.
The deputy minister stressed the severe and far-reaching impact on the global economy should a war break out across the strait. He called on European countries to clearly oppose China’s coercion of Taiwan and expand partnership with Taiwan to deter China’s authoritarian aggression.
Lee said the recent announcement by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. that it will set up a facility in Germany will greatly enhance supply chain security and reduce both sides’ economic reliance on China. He called on more countries to choose Taiwan as their Indo-Pacific partner as part of strategy to de-risk ties with China. (SFC-E)
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