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Dozens detained amid anti-Covid restrictions protests in Brussels (VIDEOS)

Thousands of people took to the streets of Belgium’s capital Brussels, protesting the enduring Covid-19 restrictions. The march has ultimately devolved into clashes with police, with some 55 people ending up detained.

Some 3,500 people marched through the streets of Brussels, according to police estimates. The rally’s organizers, however, gave a significantly bigger tally, claiming that up to 50,000 took part in the event.

The protests in Belgium’s capital continue for several consecutive weekends already, with all the previous events marred by street violence. The Sunday march was accompanied by a large police force

The protesters condemned the enduring anti-coronavirus restrictions and policies like the rollout of a Covid-19 health pass – something that they see as “obligation” to vaccination. The marchers were seen carrying assorted placards, reading “I’ve had my fair dose,” “Enough is enough” and “Do not touch our children.”

While the march has been largely peaceful, a group of rowdy protesters ultimately engaged into scuffles with police, pelting the law enforcement with bottles, pavement stones and other objects.

The police responded with tear gas, as well as charged the crowd beating protesters with batons, footage from the scene shows.

Some 48 people ended under an administrative arrest after the clashes, with further 7 getting under a judicial one. At least one of the protesters was injured during the clashes, ending up hospitalized.

“There were also five reports of material damage,” a police spokesperson said as quoted by local media.

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