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English Premier League reveals it has more vaccine holdouts than Euro counterparts

The English Premier League has released updated information on vaccine rates among its players, revealing that 16% of stars are yet to take a single dose of a Covid vaccine amid a record rate of cases.

A statement after an emergency meeting on Monday confirmed that the league would not be taking a ‘firebreak’ over the busy festive period despite a spate of matches being postponed in recent weeks due to Covid outbreaks.

Updating its information on vaccination rates among players, the Premier League added that “84 percent of players [are] on the vaccination journey” – meaning they have had at least one jab. 

Only 77% percent of players were recorded as being fully vaccinated.

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Previously, the most recent data had been back in October, when the league revealed that 68% of stars had been double-jabbed.

“The League continues to work with clubs to encourage vaccination among players and club staff, as well as promoting the Government’s public-health vaccination messaging to clubs and the wider public,” it added on Monday.

“No specific details as to clubs or individuals will be provided by the League, and player vaccination rates will now be publicly communicated at the end of each month, beginning in January.”

Separately, the Premier League announced there had been an increase to 90 new Covid-19 cases in the last week – a new record and more than double the previous figure of 42.

It was reported that clubs had discussed the possibility of ‘segregating’ players depending on their vaccine status.

That could involve unvaccinated players traveling separately to matches, eating meals away from their teammates, and facing additional checks before entering stadiums.

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The Premier League has been compared unfavorably to its counterparts across Europe because of its vaccination rates.

Italy’s Serie A, for example, said on Friday that 98% of its players had received two jabs.

The German Bundesliga reported a full vaccination rate of 94% back in October, with that figure expected to have risen since then.

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