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Fans express Ronaldo concern after he is pictured with controversial psychologist (PHOTO)

Cristiano Ronaldo was pictured with US psychologist Jordan Peterson

Football fans have expressed concern for out-of-form Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo after he was pictured with Jordan Peterson, the US-based psychologist who has drawn criticism for his views on transgender rights and Covid-19 vaccinations among other issues.

Peterson, who has described himself in the past as being a “professor against political correctness” has been outspoken about a number of topics but is perhaps most well known for his views on masculinity, while also being accused of misogynistic views against women after previously declaring that “masculine spirit is under assault” and that the “idea that women were oppressed throughout history is an appalling theory”.

The 60-year-old, though, counts on the support of legions of fans and is a popular podcaster, public speaker and author – and you can now add football fan to the list, after he praised the Portuguese icon in a picture of the pair which he posted to social media.


“I’ve rarely met anyone who more clearly deserved what they earned,” Peterson wrote to accompany the photograph.

“Good to meet you.”

Ronaldo posted the same image to his own 477 million followers on Instagram, along with the message: “Nice to see you my friend!”

Peterson, though, is a divisive figure and some football fans wondered aloud if being pictured with a person who was previously suspended by Twitter for comments made about a transgender US actor was a good idea for his brand.

Really tarnishing his legacy here,” wrote one fan in response to the photograph.

Why is anyone even slightly surprised that someone as entitled as him thinks Peterson is great,” said another.

A third added: “He makes it really easy to hate him doesn’t he?

Others, though, had a far different view. Ronaldo is currently experiencing one of the most barren spells of his career having failed to find the back of the net in his seven appearances for Manchester United so far this season, while also losing his place in Erik ten Hag’s first team lineup at Old Trafford.

He and his partner Georgina Rodriguez also suffered an horrific family tragedy earlier this year when his young son passed away during childbirth.

And these challenges also led to speculation that one of the world’s most famous athletes is going through a hard time in his professional and personal lives.

Cristiano Ronaldo Met One of The Best Psychologists in The World – Dr. Jordan B. Peterson,” wrote one.

Cristiano has had a very rough 2022 with all the things happening around from his personal life – baby’s death to professional life – Hopefully Cristiano is doing well mentally!

Cristiano Ronaldo with one of the worlds best psychologists Jordan Peterson. Hope he’s doing okay,” said another. 

Ronaldo meeting Jordan Peterson. Hope he gets the idea of accepting reality and leave United to have a better end to his career,” wrote a third.

Another, though, turns the tables back on those who were slinging insults at the footballer for his meeting with Peterson.

Ronaldo caught smoke for taking a picture with Jordan Peterson? Woke liberals are destroying the world in front of everyone,” they said.

https://ift.tt/UqO6awA 11, 2022 at 10:22PM
from RT – Daily news

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