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Finns increasingly unhappy with their government – poll

Some 45% of respondents are not satisfied with the current cabinet’s performance


Almost half of Finns are unhappy with the government led by 53-year-old Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, a recent survey has shown.

According to the poll, carried out on behalf of Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest daily newspaper in Finland, 45% of respondents are dissatisfied with the performance of the current cabinet.

The share of participants expressing discontent has increased by 10% since the previous survey was conducted half a year ago, the outlet said.

Meanwhile, the share of those satisfied has remained relatively stable, at around one third, the poll showed.

The survey also pointed to growing discontent with the prime minister himself. Only a third of respondents told the pollsters they were satisfied with Orpo’s policies, while almost half expressed their disappointment. The share of those dissatisfied with him has grown from 33% in December to 47% in the latest survey.

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The poll, which also measured the popularity of some ministers, revealed that Finnish Finance Minister Riikka Purra, Economy Minister Wille Rydman, and Social Affairs and Health Minister Kaisa Juuso were held in the lowest regard by the respondents.

Of all cabinet members, Finns are happiest with the work of Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen (51%) and Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen (43%), according to the results.

The survey was conducted June 19 to 24 by a research team called Verian (formerly Kantar Public) and polled 1,120 people across Finland, excluding those living in the Aland Islands.

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