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Foreign Minister Wu holds international press conference

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaushieh Joseph Wu called on the global community to be aware of and prevent China’s attempts to intervene in democratic countries’ elections.

Wu made the remarks Jan. 9 in Taipei City during a pre-election media briefing for international journalists before the upcoming presidential and legislative elections Jan. 13. The minister warned that China is using Taiwan as a testing ground for election intervention and explained China’s various interference tactics.

Illustrating with examples, Minister Wu pointed out China’s continued use of mixed strategies including military threats, political propaganda, economic coercion, cyber and disinformation warfare. These methods attempt to manipulate public opinion and characterize the election as a simple choice between war or peace and prosperity. 

With over 40 democratic elections around the world in 2024, China may use experience gained in attempting to subvert Taiwan elections against other democratic nations’ election processes. The minister called on the international community to work with Taiwan to counter authoritarian China's attempted manipulation of public opinion in elections.  


Responding to media questions, Wu said that Taiwan has maintained an open attitude and is willing to engage in peaceful dialogue with China on non-political preconditions, however China continues to use grey zone tactics. He added that that regardless of election results, cross-strait peace and stability has both a consensus in Taiwan and internationally.

Questioned on the economic impact of the election, Wu said the government has always respected market mechanisms and many Taiwan businesses have switched investment out of China so that Taiwan’s overall investment there has decreased to around 10 percent compared to the 80 percent of its peak.

Concomitantly, Taiwan has proactively developed and deepened economic and trade relations with other countries which have been further accelerated via corporate investment and the establishment of factories or through bilateral agreements. (POC-E)

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