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Former Russian president believes Ukraine will ‘disappear’

Nobody in the world, even the Ukrainians themselves, really cares about “country 404,” Dmitry Medvedev claims

Ukraine is going to disappear because its Western backers, the rest of the world, and even its own citizens have no need for the troubled country to keep existing, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has implied.

“Why would Ukraine disappear? Because nobody needs it,” Medvedev, who now holds the position of deputy head of his country’s Security Council, wrote in a post on the Russian VK social network on Saturday.

The EU doesn’t need Ukraine because supporting the country amid the conflict with Russia “on the order of their American mentor plunged the Europeans into a real financial and political hell,” he insisted. Detrimental anti-Russia sanctions, spiking inflation, high energy prices and the “decay” of businesses have already led to protests in various parts of the continent, the official pointed out.

“The prospect of decisively planting Ukrainian blood-sucking parasites on the neck of the shriveling EU” is real and, if it happens, it’s going to signal the demise of the bloc, Medvedev warned.

Kiev’s prime backer, the US, doesn’t need Ukraine either, because most ordinary Americans have no idea where it’s located and consider it “some abstract part of Russia,” the post read. They wonder “why the establishment in the US isn’t trying to deal with inflation and [the lack of] jobs or emergencies in their home states, but is instead occupied with this 404 country,” the former president wrote, referring to the “404 error” protocol in network communications.

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Only “political demagogues” in Washington, “who have long conceded their impotence and dementia, are trying to make PR gains from military and sanctions campaigns,” he added.

Africa and Latin America reject Ukraine because the “billions that the US is wasting on senseless battles somewhere in Ukraine would’ve been enough to fund many social-development programs” in those regions, Medvedev wrote.

Asian countries don’t need Ukraine because, through the example of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, “they see how the technologies of ‘color revolutions’ are being developed to eliminate the largest competing powers. They understand what scenario the collective West, led by the US, has prepared for them in case of disobedience,” the official explained. Besides, Russia is much closer to such nations as China and India in a geopolitical sense and has historically proven to be their reliable partner, he added.

Russia doesn’t need Ukraine because the country is “a mistake created by the collapse of the Soviet Union,” Medvedev also claimed. “Millions of our compatriots, who live here, have for many years been subjected to abuse by the Nazi Kiev regime. It’s them that we’re protecting in the course of a special military operation,” his post read.

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“Finally, Ukraine, with its Nazi elite at the helm, is not needed by its own citizens. That’s why, out of 45 million, a little more than 20 million people remain there now,” he wrote. The Ukrainians don’t want to help President Vladimir Zelensky and his associates put even more stolen Western money in their offshore accounts; instead, they’re eager to move to Poland or elsewhere in the EU, “to become the 52nd state of the US or even join the penguins in Antarctica,” Medvedev concluded.

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