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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Fraudster held 16 jobs, showed up for none of them

A massive wage-fraud scheme has been exposed in China

A woman in China has been exposed as being involved in a major labor-fraud scheme, having filled 16 vacancies in different companies at once, the South China Morning Post reported earlier this week. 

The wage cheater, identified only by the pseudonym of Guan Yue, was reportedly arrested during another job interview. The woman took photos and shared them on work group chats to trick a wide range of employers into thinking that she was meeting with clients. 

According to the media report, Guan kept careful paper records of vital information about each of her positions, such as job titles, bank account numbers, and start dates. 


When the woman got more job offers than she could handle, she passed a job to a friend, taking a commission on the income from the role, the Business Insider reported, citing state-owned newspaper Xinmin. 

Both Guan and her husband Chen Qiang were adept at exploiting rules and laws, as Chen has reportedly initiated 13 arbitration cases and won all of them. 

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The couple reportedly managed to purchase a villa in the Baoshan district of Shanghai as the scheme enabled them to amass considerable wealth.


Their criminal conspiracy was exposed in January 2023 when one of the employers, tech company owner Liu Jian, discovered paperwork discrepancies and reported the matter to the police. 

Eventually, 53 members of Guan’s wage-cheating group were arrested. The criminals reportedly netted more than $7 million over the course of the scam.

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September 09, 2023 at 11:01AM

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