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Golf fans gobsmacked by Tiger Woods’ prodigy son (VIDEO)

Golf fans have reacted to the exploits of child prodigy Charlie Woods as he teamed up alongside father Tiger at the PNC Championship.

The father-son duo impressed at the event in Orlando, Florida, as they rattled off 11 birdies together in the event eventually won by John Daly and his son, John Daly II.

The Dalys were victorious due to a final-round of 57 that beat the Woods team by 2 shots and saw them finish 27 under par.

Responding to a clip already seen by 1.4 million people, however, golf enthusiasts rushed to sing the praises of 12-year-old Charlie.

Firing off a perfect “dart”, as the PGA Tour described it, his 117mph shot landed perfectly on the green just a few yards from the 17th hole on a par 3, as he coolly gave his father a fist bump after.

Punters have predicted big things for the youngster Tiger shares custody of with former Swedish model and ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

“I cannot wait to watch this kid when he’s on the pro tour!!!” beamed one fan.

“Oh man, people who play golf generally know how hard the game is and how good you have to be to play at a top level. But the kid is just absolutely bossing it!”

“What am I watching? Is this kid is the second coming?” asked someone else.

“He may be better,” came a reply to that, before another party pointed out that Tiger was already the world’s number 1 for juniors by that age. 

“Fair, the only mitigant being that he hasn’t been pushed into it and groomed like Tiger was,” was the next point raised in the back and forth.

“And he has a better teacher,” it was also said, to support this.

“825-1 for him to win major by 25 are the odds…. tempting,” highlighted an individual jumping the gun.

“That’s a long time to have to hold on to a ticket,” he was told.

The sports world also celebrated the comeback of Woods the elder, who suffered a horrific car crash in his SUV in February when allegedly traveling 45 mph faster than the speed limit in southern California.

But as the 15-time major winner stressed from the PNC Championship, supporters should not get their hopes up about him adding to that tally any time soon. 

“I’m far from the level that a PGA Tour tournament requires,” Woods said.

“I have no stamina. I couldn’t even walk a course as flat as this one. It’s enough for me to be able to say I have my leg attached to me.

“This is going to take a long way, in which there are no days off and no goals. I don’t know how far I can go,” he worried.

As for Charlie, Woods claims that his son “has a club speed that I didn’t have”.

“Maybe I was taller at his age, but much leaner. Like a rail. Like a 1 iron. He has mimicked a lot of my mannerisms like sons do for fathers. Because I’m not really his coach, I’m his father.

“And I have to educate him that studies come first. If he asks me about golf stuff later, I’ll be there,” Woods stressed.

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