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Gunman takes hostages at Apple store in Amsterdam – reports

Police are responding to a suspected hostage situation in the Dutch city

A hostage situation is reportedly unfolding at an Apple store in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, with police closing off the nearby area and positioning armed officers outside.

Footage shared on social media by eyewitnesses shows a large police presence in the area, with the surrounding streets apparently devoid of pedestrians. Some of the videos posted online show a gunman gesturing inside the store while holding onto a possible hostage. 

One clip from the scene – apparently filmed through the window of the store from a café across the street – shows a man in a dark hoodie holding a second individual by the neck with one hand, while waving a gun with his other hand. Police are shown in another video running to the scene to join officers who are already positioned across from the Apple store, some with weapons drawn.

“Due to a report at a shop on Leidseplein, police are now deployed there,” Amsterdam Police said in a statement on Twitter. 

The store in question is in central Amsterdam’s Leidseplein Square area, which is normally a busy hub of nightlife and entertainment venues. Police were reportedly called to the area around 5:40 p.m. local time over a possible armed robbery at the Apple store.



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