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Health Sector of India Crying for Attention: Need for development in Health Sector

Problems have occurred in health services in our country since independence the most problems facing Indian healthcare are due to lower government spending on health services.

India has not yet met the necessary number of hospitals and hospital staff, let alone developing it and modernizing it.

A figure of 1.02% of the GDP which has been around 9 years since 2009 India’s public health is lower than that of the world’s lowest-income countries, which spend 1.4% of its GDP, Health profile 2018 has been released by the union health and family welfare minister, JP NADDA, on 19 June 2018. The Indian government is yet to bring further reforms at Indian health centers.

How many changes have taken place in our country, the same way there should be similar changes in healthcare. If we want our country to have the best health system like any other country, but it will not be easy nor cheap but if a debate is started on this then we can develop this plan. Many poor lose their lives due to poor health systems. 



  • Insufficient staff-According to the 2015 report, there was a shortage of 2 million doctors and 4 million nurses in India there is a general knowledge that doctors and nurses of our country work abroad to get higher salaries. We need more super-specialist doctors but what we have is either working in  tier-1 cities or working abroad.
  • Poor infrastructure-There are many govt. hospitals where there are not enough doctors, nurses and there is a very large population, due to which people work under corruption there is not enough bed for the patients nor is there any system of drinking water and often there is a shortage of medicine and consumption materials. Their ambulances remain unavailable due to corruption, forcing patients to force themselves.
  • Less access to health insurance-When the public health system fails, people go to private health facilities for treatment as everyone knows, undergoing medical treatment in a private hospital is much more expensive than a government hospital because 75% of our population does not have health insurance, so they are forced to pay for their treatment on their own and the situation would make many people reject health care.
  • Slant distribution of health facilities- Our country of India is famous for medical tourism, but we have some hospitals which have inadequate facilities without any reason there is no medicine, the bed for a patient is also not capable of the ambulance.75%of India has a rural population but only 30% of the beds and doctors in hospitals of the country, imagine the heavy burden put on those rural health facilities and doctors because of this.


  • There is a  need for many health-related reforms in India if the Indian government spends more funds on health-related centers then we like other countries can make our health-related centers very good. According to a recent Lancet study, India is still ranked 154 out of 195 countries in terms of quality and access to health care.
  • Graded approach-Health facilities and infrastructure deficiencies can be addressed to the health speaker or with the participation of health officials, legislators and MPs, local government and private medical institutions, district administration, and CSR initiatives to address the health concerns of the people.
  • Recording daily details of facilities provided to patients- There are many government hospitals in India where many people die due to lack of oxygen it is, therefore, necessary that the availability of the adequate quantity of medicines inside the hospital, the number of patients admitted to bed and the number of patients visiting each hospital should be recorded daily. This process can prove to be very helpful in making health services good.
  • Employ more counsellors and psychologists- Local governments and municipal administration should provide counseling centers for citizens, it helps to overcome mental health issues in the country in a very worrying situation.
  • New innovations in the field of medical science-There have been a lot of research so far such as cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes but we have not been able to implement their findings and recommendations due to lack of government support, if the government pays attention to this then we can be successful in providing their infrastructure.
  • Encouraging young doctors to serve the village-Nowadays medical graduates prefer to work in private institutions to get better salaries but this thinking should change the government and try to connect them to rural primary health centers.
  • Apart from these, there are other remedies which can make our health system very strong and good. The Public still greatly trusts the public health system to build their trust the government of India will have to develop health-related things further. 

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