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Italian pop star brands cancelling Russian culture a ‘mistake’

The singer has said he wants to deliver a “message of peace” at his concert in the Kremlin

The renowned Italian singer Enzo Ghinazzi, best known as Pupo, has arrived in Russia to send what he has called “a message of dialogue.” The pop star is due to perform in the Kremlin on Friday.

In an interview with TASS on Thursday, Pupo claimed he’d come to Russia without “any political intention,” adding that through his concert, he wants to “convey the message that peace will return to the world.”

Ghinazzi, one of the Western artists who has been against canceling Russian culture over the Ukraine conflict, said he has never stopped traveling to Russia, even during this “delicate period.”

“I am always against the embargo of any people’s culture, it is wrong. So I’m not afraid, because I’m convinced that I’m behaving in a manner consistent with my idea, and with the idea that culture must be free,” the singer said.

Pupo has been performing on the Italian stage for over 40 years. In 1985, he went on an extremely successful tour of the Soviet Union, during which he gave 40 concerts. Since then, he has performed in Russia several times and remains one of the most popular classic Italian pop stars. Ghinazzi reached his peak popularity in Italy during the 1970s and 1980s. He earned fame with his romantic ballads and catchy pop tunes, particularly the song Gelato Al Cioccolato.

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In March 2022, in a sign of solidarity with Russia, he sang the popular Soviet song ‘There is only a moment’ in Russian.

The Italian singer has been blacklisted in Ukraine for his reluctance to abandon relations with Russia.

Numerous organizations and venues cut ties with Russian artists following the start of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine in February 2022. Kiev has launched an international campaign calling on theaters, opera houses, and other institutions to drop any cooperation with Russia.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella said last year that Russian culture is an inseparable part of European history. He condemned the attempts to cancel Russian works of art amid Moscow’s conflict with Kiev, saying the clampdown it is a “mistaken gesture.” 

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