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Man survives 19-story fall (VIDEO)

The resident of the Russian city of Voronezh landed on a parked vehicle after tumbling from a window

A Russian man has survived a fall from the 19th floor of a building after he landed on the trunk of parked car. A video online showed rescuers in the city of Voronezh attending to the victim, who was apparently drunk. Some reports have claimed the man may have jumped.  

Local media outlets reported that the man is 41 years old. According to witnesses, he was seen shouting unintelligibly from the balcony of a 19-story apartment, before falling and landing on a parked Nissan X-Trail. It is unknown if he was a tenant of the residential complex where the incident took place. 

In a video, the man could be seen walking to an ambulance with the help of medics. According to sources within the emergency services, he was taken to the hospital in a serious condition with head and spinal injuries. Some reports have claimed that he continued to sing on his way to the hospital.

April 04, 2023 at 03:23PM

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