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MOFA appreciates US’ supportive remarks

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is grateful to the U.S. Department of State spokesperson Matthew Miller for the June 24 condemnation of China’s disruption of stability and escalation of tensions in the region.

Miller made the remarks following China’s recent threat to impose death penalty on what it terms “diehard Taiwan independence separatists.” He urged China to conduct meaningful dialogue with Taiwan.

In response to China’s announcement of a new set of guidelines on anti-secession laws President Lai Ching-te said that autocracy, rather than democracy, is the crime.

In recent years, China has been adopting both legal and cognitive warfare as well as grey zone tactics in an attempt to restrain Taiwan’s democracy and freedom. The authoritarian regime has also used its misinterpretation of United Nations Resolution 2758 to suppress Taiwan’s international engagement.

According to Taiwan’s constitution, its citizens are entitled to democracy, freedom and human rights. China’s so-called law and regulations have no jurisdiction over Taiwan citizens, the ministry emphasized.

Taiwan is willing to hold peaceful talks with China to advance mutual prosperity. The MOFA concluded by calling on China to jointly shoulder the responsibility of maintaining peace and stability to benefit people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. (POC-E)

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