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MOFA thanks IPAC for new initiative supporting Taiwan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China March 8 for its Operation MIST that calls on leaders around the world to measure the impact of a shock in the Taiwan Strait.
In the short video released the same day by the global alliance of politicians, 17 lawmakers stressed that securing stability across the strait is the responsibility of all. The parliamentarians hail from the EU and 13 countries including Canada, Czechia, France, Japan, Sweden and the U.K.
According to IPAC, a blockade of the strait could cost the global economy US$10 trillion, which is more than the economic slowdown as a result of COVID-19 and five times greater than that caused by the war waged by Russia in Ukraine.
This cannot be allowed, the lawmakers said, adding that more must be done to prevent such an occurrence, not only to protect the people of Taiwan and their right to self-determination, but also for the representatives’ constituents and everyone else who would be deeply affected.
The MOFA welcomed the initiative and said such staunch support is sincerely appreciated by the government and people. The ministry urged like-minded partners to continue working with Taiwan to ensure peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific and safeguard the shared values of the democratic world.
Established in June 2020 and comprising more than 250 lawmakers in over 30 countries, IPAC seeks to deepen collaboration between members on issues related to China such as safeguarding international rules-based order, strengthening global security and upholding universal human rights. (SFC-E)
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