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MOFA thanks supporters at UN for speaking out

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed gratitude Sept. 17 for recent supportive words from U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed and the leaders of the U.S. Congressional Taiwan Caucus.

Mohammed made the remarks during the Sustainable Development Goals news conference Sept. 14, saying that excluding anyone, Taiwan or otherwise, holds back progress toward the goals. The bipartisan leadership of the Congressional Taiwan Caucus also released a statement Sept. 13 steadfastly promoting Taiwan’s inclusion in the U.N. and encouraging a clear reading of U.N. Resolution 2758.

The MOFA reiterated that the resolution does not mention Taiwan, but rather states that the People’s Republic of China has a right to participate in the U.N. The ministry emphasized that it does not entail authorization for China to claim Taiwan or represent the country in the U.N. and its related bodies.

China has persistently and deliberately distorted the resolution by associating it with the “One China principle,” which has not been internationally adopted, the MOFA said, adding that China has also used its seat at the U.N. to prevent Taiwan from contributing to its numerous organizations, such as the World Health Organization, which jeopardizes the basic human rights of Taiwan citizens.

As a responsible member of the global community and a force for good around the world, the MOFA said Taiwan remains dedicated to the implementation of the SDGs and to assisting other countries in their progress toward the same lofty goals. The country’s incorporation into the mechanisms of the U.N. will not only benefit humanity, but will also demonstrate a true belief in the global body’s principle that no one should be left behind, the ministry added.

The MOFA once again calls for the U.N. to stand firm against China’s pressure to misinterpret the general resolution from 1971, and requests that its passport holders and reporters be permitted to enter U.N. premises for visits and meetings in the interest of living up to the principle of including everyone. (POC-E)

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