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Moscow hit by record snowfall (VIDEOS)

Such extreme snowdrifts have not been seen for more than a century, Russia’s senior meteorologist has said

A record snowfall has blanketed Moscow and the regions of central Russia. On Thursday night alone, the capital received a fifth of the monthly average, Evgeny Tishkovets, the senior meteorologist at the FOBOS weather center, said.

According to Tishkovets, the “anomalous snowfall” was caused by a cyclone that covered Moscow with snowdrifts that haven’t been seen in the city at this time for over 100 years.


By the end of Friday, the snowdrifts in the city are expected to reach half a meter (20 inches) deep.

The previous maximum snowfall in Moscow on the same date was 32cm (12.6 inches), which was recorded in 1919, Tishkovets wrote on his Telegram channel. “15 December 2023 deservedly becomes the record holder for snowdrifts,” he wrote.

According to FOBOS, the storm formed in the North Atlantic at the end of last week and made it to Moscow on Thursday evening. It is expected to “reach its peak” on Friday.

With snow covering roads, Moscow city transportation officials are urging drivers to consider using public transport instead of their cars. The severe weather conditions have led to an increase in minor traffic accidents, according to officials.


Videos posted online showed trucks getting stuck in the snow and drivers being helped by utility workers and passers-by.

City services have even decorated snow clearing equipment with images of New Year’s trees to cheer up Moscow residents.

A similar situation was observed in other regions of central Russia. In Voronezh Region, there were several reports of public transport vehicles stuck in the snow.

There were also reports of record snowdrifts in Orel Region. In Bryansk Region, residents reported an ambulance getting stuck in snow on its way to a patient’s home.


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One video that captured the attention of Russians shows a young child in Tula Region trying fervently to use a playground swing buried in snow following the heavy blizzard.

December 15, 2023 at 08:18PM


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