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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Moscow threatens US envoy with staff expulsions

Washington-backed NGOs in Russia are allegedly recruiting agents under the guise of educational and cultural projects

US diplomats working in Russia who would seek to work with certain non-governmental organizations (NGOs) designated by Moscow as undesirable may be expelled from the country, the Foreign Ministry told Ambassador Lynne Tracy on Thursday.

The American envoy was summoned by the ministry to notify her about the changed legal status of three organizations that have the backing of the embassy she leads, the statement said. Russia says these NGOs are working on “projects of an anti-Russian nature, which are aimed at recruiting ‘agents of influence’ under the guise of educational and cultural exchanges.”

Ambassador Tracy was issued a formal note, which demanded that Washington’s embassy cut all ties with these outlawed groups. Among other things, its website and social media should remove all mentions of the three.

Moscow will act to prevent “any subversive actions and dissemination of disinformation,” up to and including declaring embassy staff persona non grata, should they violate the Russian law, the statement stressed.


March 07, 2024 at 04:38PM

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