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NASCAR driver ‘lucky to be alive’ after car obliterated (VIDEO)

Myatt Snider escaped the horror collision which also affected NBA icon Michael Jordan

NASCAR star Myatt Snider was lucky to emerge with his life after a brutal final lap collision on Saturday that saw his vehicle flip over, break into several parts and also catch fire.

Xfinity drivers were battling for positions on the last lap at Daytona International Speedway, and as Snider tried to slide in front of a rival, his Chevrolet was launched into the air.

Snider flipped and hit the fence as his vehicle broke into pieces. Sparks flew, and then as what was left of the vehicle began to skid across the track, it caught fire before finally stopping on nearby grass where the engine also ended up.


Snider pulled the driver net down to signal he was OK, and as the American Medical Response team arrived to take Snider to the infield care center, the 27-year-old decided to walk himself to their van.

After later being treated and released, Snider spoke to the press and revealed he was a “little sore”“I mean, I got pretty banged up there, so I just want to make sure I’m being as careful as possible,” he added, before indicating his left foot might have been hurt but insisting he “should be fine” to race on at the Auto Club Speedway next week.

Describing the incident, Snider said: “Everybody’s trying their best to push as hard as possible, and I’m trying to keep as much momentum as I can get.


“So, I felt the push and I started feeling the car go right. I’m like ‘crap, I might be along for a ride here’. And sure enough, I was. I got turned around to the side, and then I was facing backwards and started seeing the race track. I’m like ‘hmm, this is getting better as it goes’.

“I think what happened is that the left rear started yawing towards the fence, and then the fence caught it,” Snider continued. “And then I got dragged into the grass, from what I could tell. But yeah, as I’ve said already, I’m extremely blessed to be as OK as I am and glad that Jordan Anderson Racing built us such a safe race car.”

“I just saw sparks and crap flying everywhere, and it was quite the adventure,” Snider also said. “I’m just so glad that I’m safe, [and] I’m not any more torn up than I am. [I] just wish we could have gotten a better finish out of it.”

Snider and those on the track weren’t the only ones fortunate to come out unscathed. As uploads to social media demonstrated, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and basketball legend Michael Jordan, who owns the 23XI Racing Team with Denny Hamlin that Wallace drives for, were also incredibly close to the crash.

“It’s crazy to think that Michael Jordan, Bubba Wallace and Myatt Snider all cheated death tonight,” remarked one fan.

“One of those flying parts goes a few inches or feet in another direction and either MJ or Bubba could’ve been struck.”


Later on, Hamlin said Jordan told him debris from the vehicle fell close to them. “He said it was the sound and the wreck itself [that] was crazy when it came into his area,” Hamlin added.

Reacting to the crash, a Twitter fan said he wasn’t impressed “by how the car just spits all bolts and parts out”. “No motor or rear end should ever come out that easy.”

Others called the smash “absolutely insane”, and thought that how Snider “didn’t lose his legs” was “unbelievable”.


As Snider finished 22nd in the event named ‘Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. 300’, Austin Hill won while also driving a Chevrolet.

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