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NATO members infuriated as Biden seeks detente with Russia – report

US President Joe Biden has come under fire from Eastern European members of NATO after proposals to organize a meeting between the American-led bloc and Russia for discussions to ease the tensions between Moscow and Brussels.
That’s according to the American news agency Bloomberg, which cited an anonymous diplomat claiming that his unnamed country is furious and seeks immediate clarification on just precisely what Biden plans to discuss with Moscow.

Another source, also a diplomat, expressed concern that the US may approve concessions that might lead to “political guarantees” and “curbs on NATO’s freedom of movement.”

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        <img src="https://cdni.rt.com/files/2021.12/thumbnail/61b0dc4120302775bb6f928f.JPG" alt="Russian President Vladimir Putin holds talks with U.S. President Joe Biden via a video link in Sochi, Russia December 7, 2021. © Sputnik / Mikhail Metzel / Pool via REUTERS" />
        <figcaption><a href="/russia/542589-putin-biden-unfinished-business/">Putin &amp; Biden have unfinished business – Kremlin</a></figcaption>

Biden’s announcement that he wants a meeting between NATO and Moscow came after a virtual summit with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. Following the discussion, he spoke with the leaders of other NATO member states, such as the UK’s Boris Johnson and France’s Emmanuel Macron.

According to the US president, the future talks will include “at least four of our major NATO allies.” This has left the smaller Eastern European member states wondering if they would be excluded in favor of Western European allies, Bloomberg has claimed.

The purpose of the meeting would be to discuss Russia’s concerns about NATO enlargement and the possibility of agreeing on arrangements that would reduce tensions on the alliance’s eastern flank, Biden has said.

The increased push for discussions comes as tensions remain high on the Russia-Ukraine border. The US-led NATO bloc has warned Moscow that any military aggression against Ukraine will be met with severe financial measures, while Russia has denied all accusations that it is planning such a maneuver.
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