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Necrophiliac killer sentenced for murders & abusing 100 bodies

A former hospital worker has been handed two whole life sentences to be served concurrently with a 12-year jail term for murdering two women and sexually abusing 100 female corpses.

On Wednesday, Maidstone Crown Court ruled that David Fuller, 67, should never be released from prison due to the heinous nature of the crimes he committed. “Your actions go against everything that is right and humane. They are incomprehensible. You had no regard for the dignity of the dead,” Justice Cheema-Grubb told Fuller during sentencing. 

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Fuller had pleaded guilty to the murder of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce in two separate attacks in Tunbridge Wells in 1987. He also abused female corpses, including those belonging to children, in two Kent morgues while working as a hospital electrician over a period of 12 years.

He was arrested in 2020 as advances in DNA testing linked him to the two killings. On searching Fuller’s house, police found footage in which the murderer had recorded himself sexually abusing corpses in morgues.

Fuller had even labelled folders with names of the victims. The abuses are believed to have taken place between 2008 and November 2020. The dead bodies of three children were among those he molested.

In November, Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced an investigation into how Fuller was able to sexually abuse corpses undetected over such a long period of time.

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