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Nine people trapped in burning research institute in Moscow Region (VIDEO)

At least one person has been saved by first responders, the Emergencies Ministry has said

A massive fire has erupted at a research facility outside Moscow, local emergency services have said, adding that a rescue operation is underway. It is unclear whether there are any casualties at this stage.

The local branch of the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) said on Monday afternoon that a blaze had broken out in the ‘Platan’ scientific center in the town of Fryazino, some 50km northeast of the Russian capital. Footage circulating on social media shows an eight-story building engulfed in smoke, with a fire raging about mid-way up. Other clips show people inside smashing windows to breathe.

EMERCOM noted that one person had been saved by a first responder, who it said was evacuated via a staircase. It cited preliminary reports as saying that nine people are still inside the building.

The ministry said the fire had spread from the fifth to the eighth floor, with operations being complicated by high temperatures and smoke. Twenty-four vehicles and 72 first responders are active at the scene, it added.

The Platan facility specializes in the production of lasers and LCD screens, as well as various kinds of lamps. However, a TASS source in law enforcement said that many premises in the center are rented, suggesting that the blaze could have started in one of those areas.

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